Tue, Apr 24, 2012 -- 12:04 PM

Protests, Arrests at Wells Fargo ... Wrecked Yacht Recovered From Farallons ... Apple Earnings

Protests, Arrests at Wells Fargo Shareholders' Meeting
Police say they've arrested two protesters in front of the Wells Fargo shareholders' meeting in San Francisco today, and more civil disobiendence is expected. Several hundred protesters are demonstrating against Wells Fargo's mortgage practices.

Wrecked Yacht Recovered From Farallons
A marine salvage company has recovered the yacht that lost five crew members during a race earlier this month. The company used a helicopter Monday to lift the 15,000-pound sailboat from one of the Farallon Islands.

Apple Earnings Expected Today
Cupertino-based Apple reports earnings after the closing bell today. The company's stock has waned somewhat amid federal accusations that it fixed the prices of electronic books.

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