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Giants Victory Parade: Almost Everything You Need to Know

About 1 million people are expected to attend the San Francisco Giants Victory Parade beginning at noon Friday. Here's how to get there and back.

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The California ReportThe California Report

Kamala Harris Redefining the Job of Attorney General

California’s attorney general is often known as the state's “top cop.” And to be sure, Kamala Harris has done her share of “law and order” press conferences announcing drug busts and gang takedowns. But as she heads into Tuesday’s election, Harris has clearly emphasized different priorities than her predecessors.

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Enforced Ebola Quarantines Spark Debate

Enforced Ebola Quarantines Spark Debate

A Maine nurse who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone defied her 21-day quarantine by taking a bike ride. The quarantine is voluntary and the nurse has tested negative for Ebola, but Maine's governor said he would use the "full extent" of his authority to keep her out of public places. Meanwhile, California health officials said Wednesday that the state is requiring a 21-day quarantine for people traveling from Ebola-stricken areas who have had contact with infected patients. Forum examines the debate over extended quarantines for people returning from countries affected by Ebola.


Science at the Ballot Box

At polls this November, San Benito County voters will decide whether to ban fracking in their county. Gov. Jerry Brown and California lawmakers are asking voters to approve Proposition 1, a $7.5 billion bond measure. And in Oregon and Colorado, voters will decide the fate of ballot measures requiring foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled. KQED Newsroom takes a look at the "Science at the Ballot Box."


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Jeff Braff


Jeff Braff says Ebola has politicians panicked and overreacting, as they urge the public not to panic and overreact.

LiAnne Yu

Travel Writing for People Like Me

LiAnne Yu says travel writing is dominated by white males while people of color are posed as little more than exotic wallpaper.

Carrie LeRoy

Sex, Social Media and the Law

Young people are largely clueless about what the law says about sex and social media, but attorney Carrie LeRoy is trying to change that.