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Transgender Activist's Death Opens Political Battle

Filmmaker and activist Christopher Lee fought to bring light to the struggles of transgender people throughout his life. Now, his untimely death is sparking proposed legislation in Sacramento.

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The California ReportThe California Report

Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Brown Urges Creation of New Rainy Day Fund

There's a certain amount of irony in creating a rainy day fund in the middle of a historic drought. Nonetheless, Governor Jerry Brown is calling a special session of the State Legislature next week to do just that. We talk with Sacramento Bureau Chief Scott Detrow about what's so special about the special session, and what lawmakers hope to accomplish.

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Alex Honnold: Rock Climbing's Rising Star

Alex Honnold: Rock Climbing's Rising Star

Rock climber Alex Honnold has scaled some of the world's toughest mountains, and he's done it without a rope or harness. The Sacramento native and former UC Berkeley engineering student earned international renown for climbing one of the steepest parts of Yosemite's Half Dome in world record time -- 82 minutes -- and later won Climbing Magazine's "Golden Piton," one of the sport's highest honors. Honnold joins us to talk about tackling some of the world's scariest climbs, and his plans to scale one of the world's tallest buildings in Taiwan.


Corrosion on the Bay Bridge

Elected officials are calling for an independent examination of corrosion on a critical part of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. An investigation by The Sacramento Bee found that some of the most vulnerable and vital sections of the bridge's suspension system are rusting. Scott Shafer hears from Charles Piller, who broke the story.


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When Jessica O'Dwyer tried giving up sugar for Lent, she discovered the sweet stuff's darkside.

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When Forgiveness Is Hard

Jane Mason's mother had every reason to shun her former good friend. Instead, she chose to forgive.