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Drought Myth-Busting: Why El Niño Is Never A Good Bet

In July, forecasters had been downsizing earlier projections for a strong El Niño this fall. But the latest update shows that it might be regrouping for a comeback. Researchers have plotted El Niño against actual California precipitation and found ... a pretty murky relationship, overall.

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The California ReportThe California Report

A groundwater pump operates in Kern County.

Groundwater Reform Approved in Major Policy Shift

In the rush to close up this year's session, the state Legislature passed a raft of bills covering everything from a statewide plastic bag ban to Hollywood tax credits. One could be forgiven for failing to notice a trio of bills on groundwater -- but they constitute an earth-shaking shift in California water policy, one of the biggest in decades.

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NATO: Russia Violated Ukraine's Sovereignty

NATO: Russia Violated Ukraine's Sovereignty

NATO accused Russia of violating Ukrainian sovereignty by sending equipment and combat troops into eastern Ukraine to support pro-Russian rebels. Russia denies this. In response, European leaders planned to meet Saturday to discuss the possibility of further sanctions. We'll discuss the latest developments in Ukraine.


California Prisons Invest in Rehabilitation for "Lifers"

Until recently, prisoners serving life sentences in California had slim chances of ever getting paroled. Now, driven by court rulings that make it harder to deny parole, a record number of lifers are getting out. For the first time, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is offering classes aimed directly at lifers to prepare them for life on the outside. Scott Shafer goes inside Solano Prison to see what the CDCR's programs have to offer.


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As Seen On TV

A new television series will feature Asian-Americans, and that has Larry Jin Lee both excited and nervous.

The Meaning of Michael Brown, Jr.

Alex Giardino considers the origins and meaning of the name of the Ferguson, Mo., African-American teen shot and killed by a white police officer.

Dignity of Labor for All

Labor is the path to identity for most Americans, but Carla Javits says that for many that path is a thorny one.