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Ferguson Protest Shuts Down Oakland BART

BART police arrested 14 people, some of whom chained themselves together or to poles inside the trains at the West Oakland station.

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Protesting the Violence Across the Border

We begin today with a tragedy that has shaken Mexico to its core. The disappearance -- and presumed murder -- of 43 students from the southern state of Guerrero. Police took them into custody in September after killing several of their classmates. They haven't been seen since. The state-sponsored violence has rocked the country and it's inspired activism on both sides of the border. And as Brooke Binkowski reports, a growing number of Americans have joined the demand for change in Mexico.

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Going Cashless

Going Cashless

Some say the days of waiting for a check to clear your account are numbered. The rise of mobile payments is prompting headlines like "Cash Is for Losers" and "The Check Is in the Tweet." But how secure are apps like Venmo, Square Cash and others? We discuss the benefits and disadvantages of a cashless society.


Proposed Tuition Hikes Lead to Protests

Student protests erupted and turned violent last week at the University of California Regents meeting. U.C.President Janet Napolitano called for 5 percent tuition increases over the next five years, putting her in direct opposition to students and Gov. Jerry Brown, who argued against the plan. It was approved by the U.C. Board of Regents with a 14 to 7 vote.


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