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San Francisco's Already Got a World Series Winner: Tourism

Thousands of visitors are expected to spend millions of dollars in San Francisco over the weekend, when Games 3, 4 and 5 of the Fall Classic are scheduled to be played.

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Election Roundtable: Unraveling the Nov. Ballot

With Election Day less than two weeks away, we convene a panel of journalists to help unravel, decipher and sort through what's at stake on the November ballot. Our team of reporters covering the election includes Sacramento Bureau Chief Scott Detrow; California Politics and Government Editor John Myers; Health Reporter April Dembosky and News Fix blogger Dan Brekke.

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Artificial Turf War: S.F. Voters Face Competing Athletic Field Plans

Artificial Turf War: S.F. Voters Face Competing Athletic Field Plans

Two competing San Francisco ballot measures -- Propositions H and I -- ask voters to decide whether or not to renovate the Beach Chalet soccer fields on the western edge of Golden Gate Park to include artificial turf and additional lighting. Approved by the California Coastal Commission and the city's Board of Supervisors, critics claim the plan is bad for the environment and for kids' health.


Science at the Ballot Box

At polls this November, San Benito County voters will decide whether to ban fracking in their county. Gov. Jerry Brown and California lawmakers are asking voters to approve Proposition 1, a $7.5 billion bond measure. And in Oregon and Colorado, voters will decide the fate of ballot measures requiring foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled. KQED Newsroom takes a look at the "Science at the Ballot Box."


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The Door Between Us

Andrea Sigala is 16, and her mother's drinking is the door that keeps them apart.

Together, We're Giants

Becky Ruiz Jenab is a diehard Dodger fan, so she can't root for the Giants. But she can, and does, root for the city she loves.

My Cat is on Prozac

People have complicated relationships with domesticated animals, and Marci Riseman wonders who's getting the better deal.