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UC Students Struggle to Access Mental Health Services

In the last six years, the number of students seeking help at university counseling centers has increased 37 percent, according to data presented at UC Regents board meeting last Thursday. Wait times for regular appointments have been four weeks, or more, in some cases.

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Sex Education in the Digital Age

Nothing is more awkward in middle school than talking about sex. Seventh grade is when most California school children encounter sex education in the classroom. But now that many kids are getting exposed to the subject on the Internet, the curriculum is particularly underwhelming.

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Stanford Psychologist Wins 'Genius' Grant for Work on Racial Bias

Stanford Psychologist Wins 'Genius' Grant for Work on Racial Bias

On Wednesday, Stanford social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, known as "genius" award. Eberhardt's work examines our subtle, unconscious racial biases and the effect these hidden prejudices have on the justice system. Eberhardt joins us to discuss her research and her recent work with the Oakland Police Department analyzing racial profiling data.


A Clearer Picture of Robert Frank's America

The 1959 publication of Robert Frank's photography book "The Americans" was one of the milestones of 20th-century art -- a creation that changed the world's perception both of art photography and of America itself. Now an exhibit at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University provides new insight into this seminal work, offering a look at dozens of rarely-seen images made by Frank while he was shooting "The Americans," but that were not included in the book


Daily commentary from KQED listeners

Mira Vista

Carrie Klein is leaving the Bay Area with a mental photo album of Bay Area treasures and the awareness to see them.

Georg Wilhelm Steller

Michael Ellis looks at a German naturalist whose work went unappreciated until long after his death.

A Child's First Year

On his son's first birthday, pediatrician Ricky Choi contemplates the importance and wonder of a child's first year of life.