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As Crude Oil Rolls In, a Push for Better Track Inspection

Shipments of crude oil by rail are expected to increase in the Bay Area and the rest of the state in the near future. Officials are increasingly concerned about the condition of railroad tracks. Track problems are the cause of about half of derailments,

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Nurses Ask Gov. Brown to Exceed CDC Guidelines in Preparing for Ebola

Governor Jerry Brown is meeting with public health officials and union leaders this week to prepare California hospitals for a potential case of Ebola. The California Nurses Association wants to go above and beyond new safety guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.

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Prop. G Seeks to Ease Housing Crisis by Reigning in Speculators

Prop. G Seeks to Ease Housing Crisis by Reigning in Speculators

Proposition G on San Francisco's November ballot aims to curb real estate speculation, which critics say is widespread and is driving up rents and home prices in the city. But opponents of the measure say that it won't solve the housing crisis and offers no protection for seniors or families who have to sell their property because of hardship.


The Legacy of Prop. 187

Kevin DeLeon was sworn in as the first Latino president pro Tem of the California State Senate since 1883 this week. DeLeon got his start in politics organizing against Proposition 187, a controversial ballot measure that sought to prevent illegal immigrants from accessing public services including healthcare and education. California voters passed it overwhelmingly, but it was later struck down in federal court. Scott Shafer goes to San Diego to report on the legacy of Prop 187- twenty years later.


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