Bay Area

On Syria Strike, Local Lawmaker Has Serious Doubts

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed her support for military strikes on Syria today -- but other Bay Area lawmakers have strong reservations.

Rep. Lee Calls for Debate on Syria

East Bay Congresswoman Barbara Lee has written a letter to President Obama calling for debate on a possible military strike in Syria.

Thousands Gather in D.C. to Remember the March on Washington

Thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. today to mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Fire Near Yosemite Destroys Berkeley's Treasured Family Camp

The wildfire raging near Yosemite National Park has scorched 225 square miles and continues to threaten Tuolumne City and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

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Forum With Michael Krasny

The Debate Over Part-Time Work

On-call and part-time employment is on the rise. But some on-call employees complain that unpredictable schedules create burdens when it comes to going to school or finding childcare. That's prompting some cities like San Francisco to propose new protections for workers, such as extra pay and advance notice of shifts.

LinkedIn Co-Founder Calls for New Workplace 'Alliance'

Known as "the startup whisperer" of Silicon Valley, Bay Area native and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins us to discuss his recent book, "The Alliance." In it, Hoffman writes about the new era of employee-employer relationships, and proposes a model that emphasizes transparency over empty promises of loyalty and job security.

Meet Oakland's New Schools Chief

On July 1, Antwan Wilson took over as superintendent of Oakland's public schools. Wilson was previously an assistant superintendent in Denver, where he was credited with raising the graduation rate of a high school struggling with gang violence. Raised by a single teen mother in Kansas, Wilson says poverty should not be seen as a reason to have "soft expectations" of students. Superintendent Wilson joins us to answer questions about Oakland schools, the achievement gap and the state's new system for funding K-12 education.

Privacy and the Internet of Things

Everyday objects -- watches, refrigerators and thermostats to name a few -- are becoming increasingly connected to each other and to us. The promise of "the Internet of things" is that we will be more efficient, healthier and ultimately happier. But so far consumers are not convinced. Recent research by data privacy company Truste found that a mere 22 percent of consumers believe the benefits of smart devices outweigh the risks. What are your hopes and concerns about these objects of the future?

The California Report

Oakland's Unauthorized Skateboard Site

Years of cuts to education, as well as parks and recreation, have left many parts of the state with a shortage of resources for sports and other activities. So it might seem like a no-brainer that a volunteer-built skatepark in a neglected part of Oakland is just what the neighborhood needs. The problem is, it was built without permission.

Kaiser, Nurses Union Brace for Contract Battle

California's powerful nurses' union is gearing up for a fight with Kaiser Permanente, the largest hospital system in the state. Bargaining for a new contract at Northern California hospitals begins next week. A lot has changed politically and economically since the last contract sailed through four years ago.

Pro Soccer Gains Fast Following in Sacramento

Billions of people around the globe are transfixed by World Cup action in Brazil. In Sacramento, there's also a buzz about a new local professional soccer team: the Sacramento Republic FC. The club is setting records for sellouts and has spawned a brigade of passionate followers.

San Francisco Counselor on a Mission to Make College Dreams Come True

Graduating from high school is an undeniable achievement for every kid, but some kids struggle harder to get on that stage and wave that diploma. Reaching out to kids at risk of failing isn't so easy. Many adults want to be able to connect, but can't. We visit Mission High School in San Francisco to meet one woman with a knack for shepherding teens up on to that stage.