San Jose's Pension Cuts Land in Court

A lawsuit challenges Measure B, the city's voter-approved plan to make changes to retirement benefits it previously agreed to in negotiations.

San Jose Gets $200,000 NEA Grant for Downtown Arts District

San Jose is getting a federal grant to create an arts and culture district downtown.

In My Experience: Living in the Bay Area on an H-1B Visa

Every year the U.S. government issues up to 85,000 H-1B visas to businesses that want to hire highly skilled, temporary workers from foreign countries. Many of these workers end up in Silicon Valley's tech industry. The positions are coveted, but visa holders often live in uncertainty; if their job is eliminated, deportation may quickly follow. As part of KQED's Boomtown series, examining the Bay Area's surging economy, we talk with a panel of foreign workers about living and working with an H-1B.

Cities Seem to Want Sports Stadiums. But Should They?

The race to build a football stadium in greater Los Angeles is on. Earlier this week, the city of Inglewood, which is right next to LAX, approved plans to build a new stadium, presumably for the St. Louis Rams, though the NFL hasn't approved that move. And the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers say they're building a stadium in nearby Carson. We know the LA market is expected to be a big money maker for an NFL team. But what's the financial boost from a pro sports team for the cities they're in?