San Jose's Pension Cuts Land in Court

A lawsuit challenges Measure B, the city's voter-approved plan to make changes to retirement benefits it previously agreed to in negotiations.

San Jose Gets $200,000 NEA Grant for Downtown Arts District

San Jose is getting a federal grant to create an arts and culture district downtown.

Robert Reich on How to Change Capitalism to Work for the Many

In his new book "Saving Capitalism" former Clinton administration labor secretary Robert Reich lays out the many ways he thinks the free market has failed America, including creating a "working poor" and a "non-working rich." The solution, Reich suggests, is to reframe economic policy so that it looks more after the interests of the individual than those of the corporation.

Report Finds Companies' Fine Print Blocks Class Action Lawsuits

A New York Times investigation claims that corporations like American Express are effectively banning customers from filing class action lawsuits, thanks to arbitration clauses buried deep in their contracts. Companies often prefer arbitration because it is typically cheaper than litigation. However, consumer advocates say class action lawsuits are a key tool in holding corporations accountable. We look at the Times' investigation and discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's recent announcement that it may try eliminating lawsuit waivers in consumer contracts.