Digital Divide Persists Despite Widespread Mobile Access, According to Study

Most households today have an Internet connection but a new study finds that 23 percent of low-income families rely on mobile-only access with data limits, while 52 percent experience interruptions and poor service with their mobile plans. This "underconnectivity" has a big impact on economic and learning opportunities for families. We'll discuss the study, which comes out of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of National Education Association, on What Schools Really Need

Lily Eskelsen Garcia is a former school lunch lady who went on to become Utah's Teacher of the Year. Today she's president of the National Education Association, America's largest labor union, which represents nearly 3 million teachers. She's a vocal critic of standardized testing and the Obama administration. Garcia joins us to talk about the state of America's education system and what changes she would like to see in today's classrooms.