White House Honors Two Techies for Making Programming Cool

Bay Area residents Carlos Bueno and Kimberly Bryant are helping to prepare kids to use programming concepts in daily life and work.

Tech Titans Join Forces on Internet Surveillance

More than 60 technology firms and other groups are urging the federal government to let companies disclose Patriot Act data requests.

Steven Hill On Why the 'Uber Economy' is Bad For Workers

In November, San Francisco voters defeated an anti-Airbnb ballot measure, but the bitter battle highlighted growing anxiety over the "sharing economy". In his new book "Raw Deal", author Steven Hill takes on Airbnb, as well as Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit, arguing for greater regulations on their operations and safety-net protections for workers.

Sen. Feinstein Lashes Out at Silicon Valley for Encryption Technology in Wake of Paris Attacks

In response to last week's Paris attacks, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Senator Dianne Feinstein condemned tech companies for not doing more to aid law enforcement in fighting terrorism. Feinstein and other intelligence officials believe that last week's attackers used encryption technology, which makes communications difficult, if not impossible, to track. But experts disagree on encryption's ability to thwart tracking efforts and President Obama has yet to require companies to provide law enforcement with a backdoor around encoding technology. Meanwhile, tech companies such as Apple say that weakening encryption technology would compromise customers' security. We'll discuss the complex questions of encryption, privacy and security.