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Major Donor Special Events

KQED major donors directly impact Bay Area communities by making significant investments to ensure the future of KQED's high-quality, engaging programming and services. In recognition of their generous support, major donors receive invitations to exclusive events throughout the year, designed to offer a unique, behind-the-scenes look at KQED's diverse programming. Here are a few examples of recent events:

Dina Temple-Raston

Dina Temple-Raston from NPR's National Desk
In May 2015, 50 Producer's Circle members joined NPR's Counterterrorism Correspondent, Dina Temple-Raston, for conversation and lunch in Woodside. Dina shared fascinating stories and perspective from her work as part of NPR's national security team. Interviewed by KQED News Anchor and Reporter, Stephanie Martin Taylor, Dina discussed the fight against extremism in the U.S. and abroad.

Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball from America's Test Kitchen
In April 2015, over 100 Signal Society and Producer's Circle members were treated to a wine and hors d' oeuvres reception with Christopher Kimball, host of America's Test Kitchen, and Cy Musiker, KQED Arts Lead Audio Reporter and Co-Host and Co-founder of The Do List. Christopher spent the evening in Berkeley discussing cooking techniques and food trends with major donors.

Peg + Cat

Peg + Cat at the San Francisco Zoo
In October 2014, KQED major donors were invited to bring their families to the San Francisco Zoo to meet Peg and Cat, the heroes of the adorable and spirited animated math-based PBS KIDS adventure series. Guests were treated to a live concert by J. Walter Hawkes, Peg + Cat Musical Director, experienced up close animal encounters, made flipbook keepsakes and had lunch with fellow KQED fans and supporters.

Upcoming Events
We have more great events coming up in 2016 for our generous supporters. Become a KQED major donor today for the opportunity to attend these special events:

Women NewsMakers

The Fourth Annual KQED Women NewsMakers 2016
In spring 2016, for the fourth year in a row, KQED will host a unique event in celebration of Women's History month. Since 2013, the KQED Women NewsMakers event, held on the Peninsula, has brought together leading, local female activists, philanthropists, CEOs and Board Members, along with KQED reporters, to share the remarkable stories behind the women who dare to lead.

Ron Elving

Ron Elving, NPR Senior Washington Editor
In April 2016, Ron Elving will hold a conversation and provide KQED major donors with an insider's view on the 2016 Presidential Election.

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