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Producing with KQED

KQED is proud to call themselves the home for independent producers, as we broadcast more independent productions than any other public broadcaster in the nation.

The Bay Area has one of the most prolific and celebrated communities of independent film and video makers in the world. KQED relies on the creative and resourceful spirit of this community to help create public television productions that inform, entertain, and inspire our viewers. It is our desire to draw upon and promote this talent both locally and nationally.

What is an independent producer?

We define an "independent producer" as a person who has knowledge and experience in the production of film and video, and who is not affiliated with a studio, a television station, or a major production company.

KQED recognizes that the independent community ranges from emerging producers to seasoned veterans. Many of you will be looking for help, guidance, or support from us. We want to assist you in every way that we can.

How does an independent producer work with KQED?

  • Local Broadcast -- KQED seeks to bring the breadth and range of cultures and perspectives to viewers through its local acquisitions program. Each year KQED acquires numerous programs produced by independents for broadcast.

  • Co-production -- KQED is limited in their ability to take on independent projects but we do seek out co-production partnerships which meet our criteria for broadcast. In addition, other initiatives allow us to provide technical and producer expertise and equipment for filmmakers who have received funding from other sources.

  • Completion -- Through multiple calls for entries each year, Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories reaches out to the independent film community throughout the state to find completed or nearly completed feature-length documentaries. Films must be about California or Californians. KQED will offer these films in-kind, completion resources tailored to the needs of each project which may include: an online edit, a sound mix, closed captioning, inclusion in series website, and promotion. In addition to these valuable post production resources, the station pays a modest licensing fee for local broadcast rights.

  • National Distribution -- KQED Presents, KQED's distribution division, works with the independent filmmaking community in bringing completed and fully-financed productions to the national public broadcasting system. In addition, KQED Presents provides expanded services for International distribution as well as product services such as DVD distribution, clip/footage sales, and other program-related distribution services.

  • Independent Producers' Guide -- This online resource outlines the process for submitting programs and proposals to KQED. We consider projects at any stage of production, from development to finished program. Please read this guide carefully before submitting your project as it will also help you determine whether your production fits within our production and programming goals.

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