Upcoming Broadcasts:

Asteroid Hunters/Sudden Oak Death (#303H) Duration: 26:21 STEREO TVG

Find out how scientists are tracking the thousands of objects orbiting near Earth, some of which could become a deadly disaster. And find out what's devastating Bay Area oak trees.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

The Physics of Baseball/World's Most Powerful Microscope (#304H) Duration: 26:21 STEREO TVG

When it comes to curve balls and line drives, it all comes down to a physics lesson. And check out the world's most powerful microscope in Berkeley, which is seeking out images of individual atoms.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Next Meal: Engineering Food (#701H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Discover how genetically engineered crops are made, their pros and cons, and what the future might hold for research and regulations such as labeling. In a half-hour special, QUEST Northern California explores genetically engineered crops in the wake of Proposition 37, the November 2012 initiative that would have required foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled in California.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

America's Energy Future (#706H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

From fossil fuels to renewables, the race is on to find better ways to manage and maximize our energy sources. Tour a massive solar farm in California, investigate the impacts of fracking on Ohio's groundwater supplies, and join Missouri University students as they compete to build the most energy-efficient house in America.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Saving Condors (#803H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Explore a promising new effort to help save California's endangered condors. Also in this episode, find out how scientists are discovering billions of planets like Earth; learn how sleep helps wash toxic gunk from our brains; and take a dive into the ocean's twilight zone where hundreds of never-before-seen creatures dwell.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Earth Day Special: Where We've Been, Where We're Headed (#204H) Duration: 26:47 STEREO TVG

Explore the birth of the Bay Area's environmental movement a generation ago, then see what gains have been made and what challenges remain.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

The Heat Is On Napa Wines (#807H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Discover why the wines we drink may change as the climate warms; how tsunamis of the past could help us protect ourselves in the future; and how a high-tech tool can map hidden sources of water. And, meet an artist who brings the beauty of botany to life.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • Thurs 3/05, DT54-1 thru DT54-5: 2 planned, extremely brief Over the Air outages

      (DT54.1 through DT54.5) Our Over the Air signals from our KQEH transmitter on Monument Peak (the DT54s) will need to be switched from our Main antenna to our Auxillary antenna while climbers inspect the tower for possible maintenance needs. Once the inspection is done, we will switch back. The two switches will account for two […]

    • KQED Plus on 710 currently dark on Comcast/Xfinity

      We are aware that Comcast/Xfinity is currently not transmitting KQED Plus in HD on channel 710. KQED Plus is airing in SD on channel 10. Comcast is also aware of the issue, and working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience.

    • 3 channels currently dark via Comcast/Xfinity

      We are aware that Comcast/Xfinity is currently not transmitting KQED Plus on channel 10, KQED V-Me on channel 191, or KQED Kids on channel 192. Comcast is also aware of the issue, and working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience.

To view previous issues and how they were resolved, go to our TV Technical Issues page.

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