Upcoming Broadcasts:

Breathing (#1214) Duration: 27:25 STEREO TVG

By toning and stretching muscles around the ribcage and practicing good breathing technique viewers learn how to get the most out of each breath.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Dec 22, 2014 -- 7:30am
  • KQED Life: Sat, Dec 27, 2014 -- 7:30am email reminder

Stretching (#1215) Duration: 27:30 STEREO TVG

Strengthening should always be followed by stretching as an important component to any workout. This episode includes some great stretching exercises to improve flexibility.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Dec 23, 2014 -- 7:30am
  • KQED Life: Sun, Dec 28, 2014 -- 7:30am email reminder

Relaxation (#1216) Duration: 27:20 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann explores the healing touch of massage, demonstrating some effective ways to release tension and use movement to relax.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Maintain Independence (#1217) Duration: 27:26 STEREO TVG

This episode is full of functional movements to help improve performance of the activities of daily life and help you maintain independence as you age.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Resistance Exercises (#1218) Duration: 27:24 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann introduces some unique ways to strengthen muscles with a resistance exercise band. Emphasis is placed on maintaining proper technique to avoid injury and get the most out of the movements.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Feel Your Best (#1219) Duration: 27:45 STEREO TVG

Feeling good is important in life, certain movements help you feel your best. Mary Ann shares exercises that will leave you feeling great.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Fundamental Moves: (#1220) Duration: 27:30 STEREO TVG

In this episode Mary Ann mixes the good old standards with new moves for a fun and effective full body workout.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Kinesthetic Awareness (#1301) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This Sit and Be Fit episode focuses on the importance of kinesthetic awareness and weight shifting as they relate to balance.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Static Balance (#1302) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Weights are incorporated into the standing exercises to challenge static balance.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Pelvic & Ribcage Mobility (#1303) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Pelvic and ribcage mobility exercises take center stage in this fun full-body workout.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Strong Back Strong Core (#1304) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann combines a variety of exercises to emphasize the importance of strong core muscles and their role in maintaining back health.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Neuromuscular Coordination (#1305) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

In this episode, Mary Ann uses heel tapping, patting, clapping and changing of rhythm patterns which contribute to improving neuromuscular coordination.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Release Tension Through Exercise (#1306) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This fast-paced workout ends with a peaceful relaxation, leading viewers from a state of invigoration to a place of complete tranquility.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Strengthening Muscles & Joints (#1307) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This program is devoted to strengthening muscles to stabilize our joints and preserve muscle mass.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

A Healthy Back (#1308) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann focuses on the importance of maintaining a healthy back with exercises that involve back flexibility, strengthening and stretching.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Better Balance (#1309) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Good balance begins with proper spinal alignment, strong core muscles and bringing awareness to our center of gravity while weight shifting.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Improve Your Mood (#1310) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

In this episode Mary Ann uses tactile stimulation to increase circulation and elicit a relaxed state of body and mind.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Lighthearted Exercises (#1311) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann introduces a variety of new exercises for fingers, gait and back strengthening in this fun, light-hearted episode.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Back and Abdominal Strengthening (#1312) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This episode focuses on stretching and strengthening the abdominal and back muscles to protect the spine and help avoid injury.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Exercising with Accessories (#1313) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann introduces a variety of unique exercises incorporating a large ball during the warm up and a small ball for finger flexibility and strengthening.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Somatosensory Work (#1314) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We rely on our somatosensory system for good balance and everyday functioning. Mary Ann helps viewers turn their awareness inward to work this system.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Releasing Muscle Tightness (#1315) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann uses a small ball, a towel and large ball to release some of the restrictions that build up in the connective tissue that runs throughout the body.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Myofacial Relief & Gait (#1316) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann uses the large ball in this workout to loosen up the fascia around the scapula. Later in the program she focuses on exercises to improve gait.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Keep The Fun In Functional Fitness (#1317) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

In this episode Mary Ann focuses on the fun side of exercise through the use of novelty music and imaginative choreography.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Variety, The Spice of Life (#1318) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann combines a variety of exercises that improve function including a new exercise that uses the fingers and breath to control abdominal muscles.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Finger Dexterity (#1319) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This episode combines fun music of the Charleston and Cha-cha to demonstrate finger exercises using a pencil, sit to stand exercises and vestibular work.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Happy Feet, Healthy Body (#1320) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann stresses the importance of foot health. Using a small ball she shares foot exercises and massage techniques to improve circulation, range of motion and strength in the foot.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

All Systems Go! (#1401) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This program incorporates exercises for the brain and several body systems including vestibular and lymphatic.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Fit from Head to Toe (#1402) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This episode incorporates a variety of exercises ranging from vestibular system to feet and gait.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Sensory Awareness and Breathing (#1403) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Mary Ann uses fun music to demonstrate breathing techniques and sensory awareness

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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    TV Technical Issues
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      (DT54.1 thru 54.5) Assuming that the weather and road conditions permit, we plan to do a bit of maintenance on our KQEH transmitter the morning of Friday 12/05… hopefully 10am-11am-ish, but could be a bit later. Most of the work should not affect the outgoing signal, but there will need to be a cable swap […]

    • Mon 11/03/14: Work on KQED Plus tower (DT54)

      Another station needs to do maintenance on its equipment on the tower on Monument Peak, requiring that we switch our DT54 Over the Air signal from the main antenna to the auxiliary when the work starts, then back to the main antenna at the conclusion. These switches should cause momentary outages only, and most receivers […]

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